You have a variety of choices in choosing a trek in Pakistan, too many to list, some still un explored. We tailor make trekking itineraries in different remote regions of Pakistan. The following 17 treks are just some of the options you have, they are listed in sequence of number of trek walking days. Chose any of these and we will provide you a detailed day to day itinerary Or let us know how many days you have and the grade you would like to walk on and we could suggest some thing different including walks at a leisure pace through villages that family groups would enjoy. You have options from:

  • Easy walk ( Mountain scenery with high peaks and glaciers)
  • Moderate Treks (Remote areas /glacier crossings maximum heights 4500m to5000m)
  • Demanding Treks (Technical, glacier crossing maximum heights 4500 to 5300m)
  • Unexplored Treks (Remote areas /glacier crossings maximum heights 4500m to6000m)

Why follow standard itineraries, where possible Hindukush Trails will make something quite different for you.

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