Charity Work

Hindukush Trails has already helped mountain communities in the following areas:

  • Eradicated poppy from traditional growing areas of Boroghil, Arkari, Darkot and Ishkuman by introducing tourism as an alternate source of income.
  • Organized environmental campaigns, workshops and seminars for educational institutions and stakeholders at Chitral, Balach and Buni.
  • Organized cleanliness drives in mountain areas such as Shandur where traditional annual festivals are held.
  • Provided Darkhanan Deh, Tolihan Deh and Muldeh villages with a sports area spread over five acres to encourage unemployed youth to pursue healthy outdoor sports activities.
  • Provided computer literacy to Community School Shahinagar at Drosh
  • Financed physiotherapy equipment for Special Children’s School at Chitral.
  • Helped set up a technical training camp for mountain guides in Tirich valley.
  • Started educational scholarship for talented and need village youth.
  • Helped build school in remote areas
  • Established Eco tourism trips in the Hindukush, Hindu Raj, Karakorum mountains and Chitral and Swat valleys.

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